Due to relocation to a new building the darkroom is temporarily unavailable. The new darkroom is still under construction. We hope to be open for members in februari 2020.

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Film development (black & white)

Learn how to develop your own black and white films in the CAFU darkroom! Get to know the possibilities of developing film yourself. After this course you will be able (assuming you pay attention) to develop you own films. You will learn to load your film on the spool (in complete darkness!), develop, stop en fix. What do these words exactly mean? We will teach you in your pace!

You will need to bring your own exposed black and white film (35 mm or 120 roll, it is recommended to use 35 mm for your first time). We advise to use your own camera to shoot the pictures, this way you will know if your camera works properly. Bring your camera too, you never know!


Printing black and white pictures

Learn how to print your own pictures in the CAFU darkroom! Start to see the endless possibilities of printing it yourself. After this course you will be able (assuming you pay attention) to print pictures by yourself. You will print a test strip to find the best exposure time for your photo, print a contact sheet of the whole film and print one picture.

You are required to bring you own (developed) negative film (35 mm or 120 roll). The light sensitive paper used for printing is included in the course (6 sheets 25 x 30 cm). If you need more paper, or larger size it can be bought in the darkroom.

Courses start at 10:00 and take until about 16:00 hours, depending on the progress. It is possible to take the course with up to two people. The date you provide in the form below is a preferred date, a teacher will contact you to make an appointment and choose the exact date.

Price for the course is €50 per person per course.


(Please add a comment in the  “Andere opmerkingen” field and state you do not speak Dutch and would like to follow the course in English)

Form is not available until the new darkroom is open.