The darkroom is available for members of CAFU who want to develop films and make prints of their film. In the darkroom are enlargers for 35mm, 6x6cm and 4×5 inch, chemicals, and a workspace available.

If you have no experience yet in the darkroom we offer you two introduction courses: developing films & printing from negatives.

Use of the darkroom is possible (with or without guidance) for CAFU members with a darkroom membership. After booking (see form below) it will be confirmed by email or phone, only after confirmation the booking is valid. The phone number and email address are mandatory, so our darkroom administrators can contact you to talk about what you would like to do in the darkroom so it can be planned accordingly.

If you already have experience with printing and developing and you would like to come and try our darkroom you don’t need to have a membership yet. When you decide to use the darkroom again the next time you are required to be a member with full darkroom membership.


Prices (cash or bank transfer only)

  • € 18,- per day (10:00 – 16:00 hours)
  • Excludes film development
  • Excludes paper
  • Includes chemicals for photo printing on PE paper
  • Print size standard maximum 30×40, maximum possible 50×60
  • Film rolls 35mm / 120 / 220 developing in D76 (1+1) € per film
  • Sheet film in D73 (1+1) €10 per 6 sheets. Price is the same for less sheets.

If you would wish to do something different like large size, baryt or different chemicals for example, please specify in the “Andere opmerkingen” field in the form below. Together with the darkroom supervisor you will look for a solution for you wishes.

Booking can be made using the form below.

Attention! Bookings are only valid if they are confirmed by the darkroom administrators.